FREE Shipping over $149 (excludes liferafts & flares)
FREE Shipping over $149 (excludes liferafts & flares) 

Fall Warehouse Sale

In stock and on sale! We need to make room in our warehouse, and it's your turn to take advantage of some fantastic deals on hard-to-find products!

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Service Department

Our factory trained and authorized technicians have the skills to keep your equipment in top condition.  We service liferafts, EPIRBs & PLBs, immersion suits, life jackets, inflatable boats, rescue boats, and more.

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Pre-owned Liferafts

Previously owned, but never deployed.  All pre-owned liferafts are inspected and recertified at our USCG and manufacturer approved service station.  

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Recreational Liferafts

Emergency Beacons

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