Gift Guide for Boaters
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Gift Guide for Boaters

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re a boater on the receiving end of a great gift. If you’re reading this, however, you’re probably on the giving side, which can be extremely difficult. Fear not! We’re about to break down the best gift ideas for boaters no matter the size of their boat or the size of your budget. 

Great Gifts for Boaters Under $100: These gifts for boaters will put a smile on their face while saving your wallet. These smaller gifts, like first aid kits and signal flares, are the perfect addition to any boater's ditch bag. Pyrotechnic signal flares typically expire after three years, so chances are the boater in your life is in need of a fresh set. First aid kits also expire, plus they get depleted over time as people use up bandaids or other supplies. 

**EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2024** Orion's Offshore Sportfisher First Aid Kit provides total protection for your family and guests' basic first aid needs. With 165 pieces, this kit contains the necessities to prevent an early return to the dock.
Fluorescent green dye marker can be used to turn water or snow into an attention-grabbing visual signal.
Six pack of assorted glow sticks. Two each of green, white and red.
With reflective details and a built-in bailer, this compact and aerodynamic throw bag is a necessity in any boat. Ready to toss to a swimmer, the 1/4" wide rope is 50' long with a tensile strength of 1,200 lbs.
3 Handheld Marine Red Signal Flares – brightness up to 950 candela, burn time up to 3 minutes each.
USCG approved for day or nighttime signal. Altitude up to 500 feet. Brightness up to 16,000 candela. Burn time up to 7 seconds each. Packed in sealed poly bag.
4 Red Aerial Flares – altitude up to 300 feet, brightness up to 10,000 candela, burn time up to 6.5 seconds each. Waterproof, Floatable Storage Container


Gifts for Sailors: Keep them safe when they're out on the water. Sailing can be as dangerous as it is fun. Falls overboard are a real possibility, make sure they have the gear they need to keep them afloat and get them back onboard. A high-quality inflatable PFD, like the Mustang 3183 HIT, is a staple for every sailboater. For an added level of safety, an AIS beacon like the ACR ResQLink AIS can be installed inside the inflatable PFD to automatically deploy if the wearer falls in the water. MOB recovery devices like the SOS Recovery Ladder or the Jon Buoy MK5 are must-haves on every sailboat to recover a person overboard. 

The Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT™) offers reliable inflation in a low maintenance design that will only automatically inflate when submerged in 4'' or more of water pressure and not inadvertently due to rain, spray, or humidity. Exclusive to Mustang Survival in North America and maintenance-free for 5 years from date of manufacture or until inflated.
The dual–purpose design of the Recovery Ladder enables rescue of a disabled, injured, or hypothermic crew, who either cannot or should not try to pull themselves from the water using the ladder rungs.
Buy your dan buoy here. This self-inflating dan buoy resolves challenges in quickly deploying man overboard gear by bringing all pieces together in one fluorescent green/yellow unit with whistle. It is easy to see, easy to hear, easy to stow, and easy to deploy.
The all new ACR ResQLink AIS Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is the most technologically advanced beacon in the world as it contains both satellite and local transponders. With the introduction of Automatic Identification System (AIS) functionality, Return Link Service (RLS) technology, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability in one 406 MHz beacon, the ResQLink AIS represents a critical advancement in the evolution of PLB technology.
The Jon Buoy Recovery Module is designed to make man overboard recovery a straightforward operation, whilst increasing vital visibility and buoyancy for the casualty. Now with Glo Lite technology which significantly increases visibility in low-light conditions.
From $1175
Using our skills and expertise in the design and manufacture of both liferafts and lifejackets, we have created the most advanced specification ISO Ocean Liferaft yet. The Crewsaver Liferaft improves both safety and performance for you and your crew. It is approved to ISO 9650-1 standards and come with an extended three year service period.
From $2249
The new ACR GlobalFix V5 AIS Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon is an innovative EPIRB with a unique feature set. The addition of an AIS alert provides the easiest and quickest path to rescue while the included Return Link Service (RLS) functionality provides a welcome sense of security by providing direct to beacon confirmation that your distress message has been received.
Introducing the world’s smallest AIS MOB device with integrated DSC – the rescueME MOB1 from Ocean Signal. The MOB1 is compatible with even the most compact inflatable life-jackets*.

 Gifts for Commercial Fishermen: They're out there to do a job, but they also deserve some comfort. The best gift for commercial fishermen will keep them safe and comfortable no matter the conditions. The Stormline 662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Flotation Pants are the preferred fishermen-chosen flotation device in Northeast Center's Lifejackets For Lobstermen study. Commercial fishermen are required to carry a USCG-approved immersion suit onboard if they are fishing in cold water. A good condition and properly fitting survival suit can be a literal lifesaver if disaster strikes. Old or damaged immersion suits can leak or fail during use in an actual survival situation. Make sure your loved ones have quality equipment that will perform when needed.


The Crew 255 PVC fishing rain jacket is a single-layer PVC jacket for commercial fishermen. The raglan arm sleeve design is comfortable to wear, while the 650 gsm nylon-backed PVC is the perfect balance between weight and durability.
These fishing floatation pants are built for working, but with closed cell foam to help assist with floatation. Ideal for anyone working on or around water by themselves or for added safety. Certified EN 393.
Kent's USCG-approved immersion suits feature hi-vis yellow accents for increased visibility in the water. Three-fingered gloves help keep hands warm, and the removable head pillow makes servicing easier.
From $399
Designed for use in commercial operations, the new Immersion Suit from Mustang Survival is the ideal ship abandonment suit for workboats, transport vessels, drilling rigs, supply ships, steamships and commercial fishermen. Also suitable for the sailing community.
From $415

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