Stormline 662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants – EN ISO 12402-5 Certified
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Stormline 662 Heavy Duty Oilskin Fishing Flotation Pants – EN ISO 12402-5 Certified

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These fishing floatation pants are built for working, but with closed cell foam to help assist with floatation. Ideal for anyone working on or around water by themselves or for added safety. Certified EN 393.

The Stormline fishing flotation pants have special closed cell foam in the knees and the front and back to provide additional safety, allowing the wearer assisted flotation in the water as a certified aide and designed for 50N of buoyancy. The cut of the floatation pants are designed so that you can keep working freely, with an adjustable waist and ventilation on either side.

These fishing flotation pants are popular for commercial fisherman working alone at sea, trawlers and for general safety for anyone working around water.



  • 50N buoyancy
  • Triple layer PVC over knees
  • Double layer PVC front
  • Adjustable ankle tabs
  • Heavy duty 650 gsm PVC

Ideal for use as:

  • Fish industry workwear
  • Commercial fishing foul weather gear
  • Aquaculture rain gear
  • Saltwater fishing clothing
  • Offshore fishing foul weather gear
  • Farming wet weather clothing
  • Construction rain gear
  • Forestry foul weather gear and wet weather clothing
  • Survey rain gear


The 662 Flotation Bib is perfect for those who regularly work in, on and around water. Whether you want some assurance that you have additional safety measures in place for your fishing trip, or looking to make your agricultural or aquacultural business’ safety procedures a little more robust, the 662 Flotation Bib might be just the item for you.

These flotation pants boast comfortable closed cell foam on the knees, chest and back – not only to create air between the layers but to ensure exceptional comfort when worn for long periods of time.

As a neoprene buoyancy device, the flotation pants have a moisture-resistant laminate outer layer made from stretchable, flame-retardant neoprene. The brace pants’ seams are double welded to ensure that they are watertight – making them perfect fishing flotation pants.

With double layers of coated neoprene on the knees and double layers of neoprene for protection on the front, the fundamental design principles are rooted in ensuring workers’ safety.


When you or your team works in tough weather conditions, it goes without saying that the right safety equipment is absolutely essential. Whether you are a specialist or simply an avid enthusiast, the fishing, agricultural, aquacultural and construction industries, to name a few, can be very dangerous.

For this reason, professional-grade, high-quality foul-weather gear is invaluable to firms and individuals in these sectors alike – especially flotation jackets and bibs. The benefit of flotation technology is that it not only helps to protect you during intense weather conditions, but it also can literally save your life if you were to fall into open water.

In fact, the 662 Floatation Bib has already helped to save 4 lives to date, thanks to the additional buoyancy that the closed cell foam brings to the bib pant.

Our flotation pants are certified 50N. The N stands for Newtons, a measure of force, and 10 Newtons equals 1 kilogram of flotation. Thus, a level 50 flotation device is proven to provide 5kg of buoyancy at a minimum.

The 662 Flotation Bib is both EN ISO 12402-5  and EN 393 certified at 50N in Europe and is approved by Maritime New Zealand as a Type 403 and 405 inherently buoyant flotation device. You can read our letters of conformity here.

50N flotation clothing is recommended for those who are already confident swimmers – in other words, you have to be able to help yourself – and should never be used in place of an emergency aid.

That said, this means that a 50N flotation bib with flotation pants is perfectly suitable for specialised and experienced workers in the agricultural, aquaculture, fishing and maritime industries.

This is because the floaty pants will support your well-versed safety training, swimming ability and survival technique in the event of an emergency, but without having bulky, beginner-level inflated pant legs that can get in the way of you doing your job on a daily basis.


For clarity’s sake, you should always use the correct flotation gear – some people, locations and circumstances may require additional flotation devices. At Stormline, we recommend that you always combine the flotation pants with an appropriate and approved life jacket.


  • 50N buoyancy – Thanks to closed cell foam insulation – a specialised buoyancy foam – in the knees, front and back of the flotation pants, the 662 Flotation Bib is rated 50N, in line with EN ISO 12402-5 specifications.
  • Triple layer PVC over knees – Knee pads to protect the knees whilst working in tough weather conditions. The seams are expertly sealed to ensure the flotation pants are waterproof during all foul-weather conditions.
  • Double layer PVC front – Double layer PVC front ensures that the flotation pants are heavy-duty and waterproof, but without being so thick and heavy as to restrict any movement. This makes them suitable for all wet-weather conditions and industries – especially those in which you need a full range of movement.
  • Adjustable ankle tabs – The adjustable ankle tabs ensure that your flotation pants will fit snugly, either inside or outside of your chosen boots. The straps ensure that you reduce the risk of water entering through the foot holes, but without being so tight as to constrict blood flow or ease of movement.
  • Heavy duty 650 gsm PVC – Our 662 Flotation Bib is made from heavy-duty 650 gsm PVC for the utmost protection against the elements. With such robust, high-quality materials, you can have peace of mind that you will be kept reliably dry during tough wet-weather conditions.
  • Suitable for all climates – The 662 Flotation Bib can be layered over thick thermal clothing for extra comfort in icy conditions – or, over a jersey layer made from thin breathable materials when it is warm. Keeping your body warm or cool when doing labour-intensive work is essential, which is why these flotation pants also boast ventilation on each side.
  • Range of sizes to fit every body type – These flotation pants come in a range of sizes from XS to 4XL, and boast both an adjustable waist and adjustable ankle tabs, making them suitable for every body type.


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