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FREE Shipping over $99 (excludes liferafts & flares) 

Immersion Suits & Inflatable PFD's

Immersion Suits

Also known as a survival or Gumby suits, immersion suits are intended for those that could be forced to abandon ship in cold water. Typically constructed of neoprene fabric, immersion suits are extremely buoyant and have a very high thermal value to help prevent hypothermia.

Originally designed in 1969, Imperial is the original USCG approved immersion suit and remains the gold standard for strength and reliability. Cut slightly larger than other suits and with additional features, Imperial suits are some of the fastest donning and most practical suits to wear in an emergency.


USCG Approved Inflatable PFD’s

Liferaft Services offers the complete range of Crewsaver USCG approved inflatable PFD’s. These PFD’s are designed to maximize comfort, style and performance resulting in a PFD that can be worn all day without interfering with activities. Liferaft services also offers the full line of Crewsaver ISO and SOLAS approved life jackets, please contact us for more info.

Crewfit 35 Sport (USCG approved)

The Crewfit 35 Sport incorporates the latest Fusion 3D technology, ensuring maximum comfort levels. As the entry level to the Fusion 3D segment of the USCG-Approved range, the Crewfit 35 Sport includes essential features that ensure the recreational user remains safe when out on the water. A unique chin support helps keep your airway clear of the water in all conditions. The the Crewfit 35 provides 35lbs of buoyancy which is suitable for most wearers and is available with either manual or automatic inflation.

Crewfit 40 Pro (USCG Approved)

Providing a minimum of 40lbs of buoyancy when inflated, the Crewfit 40 Pro provides extra freeboard for heavier wearers, coupled with an indicator window showing the status of the firing mechanism, and twin adjusters to expedite comfortable fitting when being donned. The unique chin support helps keep your airway clear of the water in all conditions. The Crewfit 40 Pro is available with manual or automatic inflation.

ErgoFit 40 Pro (USCG Approved)

The ErgoFit 40 Pro features an exceptionally high level of construction combined with the looks and practicality to suit the toughest marine environment and the most demanding customer. The uniquely crafted bladder delivers a faster turn speed and keeps your airway lifted further above the water for ultimate safety.

The ErgoFit 40 Pro houses a vast range of high specification safety features inside, while remaining clutter-free on the outside to offer a clean profile and reduce snagging risk. The cut-away outline, allows total mobility so you may work unhindered. And by providing a minimum of 40lbs of buoyancy when inflated, it perfectly suits both coastal and offshore water users. NOTE: This PFD is compatible with automatic activation of the Smartfind S20 Personal AIS Beacon.


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