Faria Chesapeake Black 4" Speedometer - 80MPH (Pitot)
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Faria Chesapeake Black 4" Speedometer - 80MPH (Pitot)

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Chesapeake Black 4" Speedometer - 80MPH (Pitot)

Perimeter-lighted Black dial with stylish Blue and White graphics, polished stainless steel bezel, contoured White pointer and domed glass lens.

Electronic speedometers operate by capturing pulses produced by a sensor. the pulses are then electronically converted to a speed reading very much like a tachometer converts ignition pulses to RPM.

Pitot tube type speedometers operate by pressure from the water being forced into the pitot tube. This pressure is then transmitted through flexible tubing to the bourdon tube movement inside the speedometer head where it is converted into a speed reading by the movement mechanism.

∗Pitot tube sold separately.

4" - Hole Size: 3.375" (85mm)


  • Anti-scratch glass lens
  • 12 VDC negative ground
  • Can be adapted for 24 VDC systems
  • Dual Scale - Metric and Imperial

Factory P/N SE9512

*Sold as an Individual

**Gauge Cover not Included

Voltage - Input Range (Volts)
12/24 V
Gauge Type
Box Set
Chesapeake Black
Gauge Size

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