Seaview Polished Stainless Steel Cable Seal - 1 Cable (2-10mm)
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Seaview Polished Stainless Steel Cable Seal - 1 Cable (2-10mm)

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Polished Stainless Steel Cable Seal - 1 Cable (2-10mm)

Watertight installation for your marine electronic cables.

The Cable Seals provide waterproof cable routing made of 316 stainless steel.

Easy Installation

Each cable seal is supplied with a blank rubber seal that has a molded location to drill and cut. Captive nuts make for easy assembly. Cable connectors do not need to be removed during installation.

Watertight Installation

Tapered rubber seal forms watertight installation. The base gasket also provided for a clean watertight installation.

Improved Shape & Design

Low profile design for a strong, impact-resistant, and clean installation (no sharp edges to hit your foot on). Unlike other brands, our inner rubber seal is flush with the top of the cable seal so that water does not have a place to collect.

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