USCG Approved Liferafts for Commercial Fishing Vessels
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USCG Approved Liferafts for Commercial Fishing Vessels

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Commercial fishing safety standards must be followed to get out on the water, which is where the requirement for a liferaft comes into play. Commercial liferafts can be used on commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels, or commercial shipping vessels. SOLAS approved commercial life rafts are typically used on boats that require an offshore life raft or that are traveling in international waters. A USCG approved life raft is required on boats operating in domestic waters, such a commercial fishing boat or an inspected passenger vessel. A Revere life raft, RFD Survival liferaft, Survitec Zodiac liferaft, Elliot life raft, or Crewsaver liferaft are all excellent options when looking for a commercial fishing life raft. Offshore liferafts will typically come with SOLAS life raft equipment packed inside the raft. 

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