4 Person Commercial IBA Safety Package by Survival At Sea
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4 Person IBA Safety Package

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Revere USCG IBAs are recognized for their rugged construction and reliability during the toughest survival situations. The 4,6,8, and 10 person Valise-packed models are the perfect choice for smaller fishing boats or passenger vessels where mounting a hard container is not an option.



Choose Your Survival Suits and Lights - Package includes 4 of each!

Imperial Immersion Suit - USCG (+$1,036.00)

In production since 1969, the Imperial immersion suit is meticulously crafted and pressure-tested upon completion, and was in fact the very first immersion suit available for the maritime market. This version is available in multiple sizes, and each comes in a color coded storage bag.

ACR Electronics C-Light - Manually activated personal distress light (+$42.00)

The LED C-Light is a manually activated, steady-on personal distress light with dramatically improved operating life. This waterproof light is tiny yet rugged, and has a 20 lumen LED that typically operates for 30 hours continuously. The C-Light has been approved by USCG/SOLAS, and is activated manually with an easy twist on/off activation, making it an ideal light for all outdoor enthusiasts.

ACR Electronics C-Strobe H2O LED – Water Activated Personal Distress Strobe Light (+$67.80) (out of stock)

With 3 modes of operation (strobe, steady-on, SOS), the C-Strobe H2O boasts a 45 lumen LED that typically operates for 120 hours continuously when in strobe mode. The light can easily be activated with a simple push of the on/off button or when in the armed position. It can also be activated automatically when immersed in water, making this strobe an ideal light for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Choose Your EPIRB

Ocean Signal RescueME EPIRB1 CAT II (+$425.95) (out of stock)

The rescueME EPIRB1 provides peace of mind with an impressive 10 year battery life. The world’s most compact EPIRB can always be on hand, as its small size allows it to be easily retained within its quick release bracket or placed in an emergency grab-bag or life raft.

Ocean Signal EPIRB1-PRO CAT I (+$549.95)

As the world’s most compact Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, the EPIRB1 Pro pairs its compact stature with a durable design, making it a practical option to meet the needs of all commercial, fishing, and leisure vessels.

Choose Your Life Ring & Accessories

24″ Orange Lifering with Reflective Tape - USCG & TC Approved (+$59.95)

24″ Orange lifering buoy with SOLAS retro-reflective tape for installation on commercial fishing vessels, yachts and other boats that are not required to carry the larger 30″ buoys.


Aluminum Life Ring Y Bracket 24" or 30" ring buoys. Rugged aluminum construction securely holds your life ring in place in even the harshest conditions.

Floating Throwline and Bag (+$39.99) (out of stock)

Presented in a high visibility orange bag with the rope perfectly coiled for immediate and continual use. The bag features a handle for control whenever in use and also doubles as a hanger on the lifering bracket. Constructed of marine grade components and contains 100 feet of 3/8” floating hollow braided polypropylene.

Choose Your Sound Producing Device

Orion Safety Air Horn (8oz) (+$18.50)

Meets USCG regulations for boats up to 65'. New 152a propellant operates as effectively as other horn propellants and provides up to 106 blasts per can at a level of 120db at 10 feet.

Choose Your Distress Flares

USCG Approved 3-50 Mile Commercial Flare Kit (+$225.00) (out of stock)

Satisfies USCG regulations for commercial vessels operating from 3-50 miles offshore or beyond 3 miles on the great lakes. Ships via HazMat Ground only.

USCG Approved 50+ Mile Commercial Flare Kit (+$325.00)

Satisfies USCG regulations for commercial vessels operating beyond 50 miles from the coastline. Ships via HazMat Ground only.

Choose Your First Aid Kit

Orion Offshore Sportfisher First Aid Kit (+$56.99) (out of stock)

**EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2024** Orion's Offshore Sportfisher First Aid Kit provides total protection for your family and guests basic first aid needs. With 165 pieces, this kit contains the necessities to prevent an early return to the dock.

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Need the entire package for commercial fishing?  Look no further!  We are the experts when it comes to USCG safety regulations for commercial fishing.  Our commercial IBA safety package is ideal for state registered commercial fishing boats operating any distance from shore, or federally documented boats fishing out to 12 miles from shore.

Make sure you understand what you need.  There are alot of variations on the exact regulations for your specific situation, but this kit will help you check off most of the items the CG will be looking for at your dockside exam or a boarding at sea.  Us the link below to find out exactly what you need for your boat and crew.  


Included in this package:

  • IBA Liferaft (Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus): Select your size and container
  • 4x Immersion Suits: USCG Approved Imperial Survival Suits
  • 4x PFD Lights:  Your choice of solid LED or water activated strobe lights
  • EPIRB: Take your pick of the top EPIRBs from McMurdo, ACR and Ocean Signal
  • Life Ring: Datrex 24" ring buoy with the option to add a bracket and line bag
  • Air Horn: USCG Approved for vessels up to 65'
  • Distress Signals: USCG Approved 3-50 mile or 50+ mile commercial flare kit
  • First Aid Kit: Two solid options with the Offshore Sportfisher kit or the even more complete Life Boat kit

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