McMurdo FastFind Plus / MAX / MAX G PLB User Replaceable Battery
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McMurdo FastFind Plus / MAX / MAX G PLB User Replaceable Battery

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The Battery in the McMurdo FastFind Plus / MAX / or MAX G PLB is easily user replaceable. Battery replacement is required every 5 years to ensure the PLB operates as designed.

Battery Installation Instructions:

Take care when fitting the battery. It forms part of the sealing system of the PLB, so it is important to follow the instructions exactly. Each replacement battery pack has new ‘O’ rings which should be replaced when the battery is changed.

1. Fit the two ‘O’ rings to the battery connectors.

2. Clip the battery pack into the PLB, then push the battery pack into place. Take care that the ‘O’ rings stay in place.

3. Fit the battery screw block (lanyard securing tag). It is essential that the screw block is fitted, as it forms part of the PLB sealing system.

4. Fit the screw to retain the battery pack and tighten until resistance is felt, then turn the screw one 360° additional turn (torque setting 25 cNm).

5. Perform a self-test. If the PLB does not pass the self-test, repeat it once. If the PLB still does not pass the self-test, contact McMurdo or your dealer for further advice.

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