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The life raft Lalizas Offshore Liferaft is ideal for offshore boating. It has a compact size, is lightweight, and is very easy to store. Available in sizes for 6-8 people, packed either in a canister or in a waterproof suitcase.

The life raft LALIZAS OFFSHORE Liferaft is ideal for offshore boating. It has a compact size, is lightweight, and is very easy to store.

The lightweight material is ideal for boats and yachts that are looking to save valuable stowage space and reduce weight on board.

Available in sizes for 6-8 people, packed either in a canister or in a waterproof suitcase. The LALIZAS OFFSHORE is automatically inflated by a 12-meter painter line, and its inflation system provides enough gas to inflate all the buoyancy chambers. Each chamber is capable of fully supporting the raft with its maximum number of occupants.

The LALIZAS OFFSHORE Liferaft is manufactured and tested to meet ISO 9650-1 & ISO 9650-3 standards as last amended for safety and offers highly visible, stable sheltered conditions for the occupants.



1. Thermally insulated floor
2. Boarding ramp
3. International orange, self-erecting canopy with retro-reflective tapes
4. Τwin independent buoyancy tubes containing safety valves
5. Rainwater collection gutter
6. Ventilation and observation port
7. Fully closeable entrance flap.
8. External and internal lifelines and righting device suitable for handling even
by one person
9. Comprehensive international service centers
10. Operating temperature -15° C to + 65° C
11. Stowage max height: 6m above sea level
12. DOT Cylinder

Standard Equipment

1. Portable buoyant bailer (1pc)
2. Sponge (2pcs)
3. Buoyant paddles (2pc)
4. Whistle (1pc)
5. Waterproof torch/bulb (1pc)
6. Signalling mirror (1pc)
7. Anti-seasickness pills (6pcs/person)
8. Seasickness bag (1pc/person)
9. Red hand flare (3pcs)
10. Red parachute flares (2pcs)
11. Repair kit (1pc)
12. Manual Pump (1pc)
13. Operational Manual (1pc)
14. Table of the life-saving signals (1pc)
15. Log Book + Immediate actions Card (1pc)
16. Mooring Ring with 30m rope (1pc)
17. Safety knife connected to the liferaft, buoyant, fixed blade, rounded tips (1pc)
18. Floating anchor with 30m rope (1pc)
19. First Aid Kit (1pc)
20. Drinking Water (0,5l/person)

Technical Drawing

SIZE CONTAINER WEIGHT lb Container Dim's 'X' in Container Dim's 'Y' in Container Dim's 'Z' in Rafts Dim's 'A' in Raft Dim's 'B' Raft Dim's 'C' in
6 Low Profile Container 79.5 29 18.5 13 47.5 82.5 95
6 Valise 75.0 25 16.5 10 47.5 82.5 95
8 Low Profile Container 88.2 29 18.5 13 49.5 94 108.5
8 Valise 83.8 27 17 12 49.5 94 108.5
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Liferafts are shipped via HazMat ground carrier.  Liferafts that weigh under 70 lbs (with packaging) will typically ship via UPS or FedEx ground service.  Rafts weighing over 70 lbs must be shipped via LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight truck (tractor trailer) due to hazardous shipping regulations.  Shipping rates for LTL freight vary greatly between residential and commercial addresses, so it's very important that you select your correct address type at checkout.  An eligible commercial address will either have a loading dock or forklift on site to unload the shipment when it arrives.  If your address does not have a loading dock or forklift, you MUST select residential delivery.  When residential delivery is selected, the trucking company will be prepared to unload the shipment at a non-commercial location (such as your house) and will normally send a truck with a liftgate for unloading.  Liferafts that ship via freight truck will be packaged in a large box and strapped to a wooden pallet. 

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