Airmar DX900+ Multilog Smart™ Electromagnetic Speed Sensor Thru‑Hull NMEA0183
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Airmar DX900+ Multilog Smart™ Electromagnetic Speed Sensor Thru‑Hull NMEA0183

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DX900+ Multilog Smart™ Electromagnetic Speed Sensor Thru‑Hull NMEA 0183

Say goodbye to the paddlewheel and hello to Smart® Sensor technology. The DX900+ uses electromagnetic technology to accurately measure dual-axis speed through water plus immediately calculate leeway travel. Paddlewheels need cleaning and only measure speed longitudinally. The DX900+ measures water flow at 360° and will immediately deliver the leeway data to your instrument. There are no moving parts to clean or maintain. Performance sailors, racers, or long-distance cruisers will immediately see the benefits of the accuracy and reliability of the DX900+.

The DX900+ is available as a Speed and Water-temperature sensor.


  • Electromagnetic dual-axis speed, and water temperature with no moving parts
  • Measures transverse and longitudinal speed that instantaneously calculates leeway angle and speed through water with no latency
  • Connects and shares data wirelessly with AIRMAR’s CAST™ app. Perfect for displaying performance data on phones or tablets, plus makes calibration fast and easy.
  • Outputs heel and trim
  • The sensing pins in contact with the water are made from very high-quality alloy, allowing very stable measurements and high resistance to corrosion. (Do not use any bottom paint on exposed sensing pins.)
  • Thru-hull, low-profile housing with water valve
  • Retractable insert for safe storage
  • Available in a plastic (P717V) or stainless steel (SS617V) housing
  • Retrofits to existing P617V housing


  • Weight (sensor, box, and cable):
    • Plastic—1 kg (2.3 lb.)
    • Stainless steel—2 kg (4.4 lb.)
  • Hull Material: Plastic housing for fiberglass or metal hull/Stainless steel housing compatible with all hull materials
  • Deadrise Angle: Up to 22°
  • Hole Diameter: Fiberglass or wood—51 mm or 2", Stainless steel housing in metal hull—57 mm or 2-1/4"
  • Transverse Speed Range: ±6 knots
  • Longitudinal Speed Range: ±60 knots
  • Accuracy of Transverse and Longitudinal Speed: ±0.1 knots for speeds under 10 knots, ±1% for speeds above 10 knots
  • Display Resolution: 0.01 knots
  • Outputs: NMEA 0183—speed and temperature
  • Configurable Data Update Rate: Up to 10 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
  • Water Temperature Accuracy: +0.5°C (+1.0°F)
  • Power: Supply Voltage: 9 to 16 VDC
  • Average Power Consumption: NMEA 0183 - 2.5 W
  • Standard Cable Length: NMEA 0183 - 6M (20')
  • Includes: Blanking plug
  • CE Compliant: Yes to IEC60945

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