B&G Sail Performance Sensor Pack (WS320, ZG100, DST810, N2K)
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B&G Sail Performance Sensor Pack (WS320, ZG100, DST810, N2K)

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Sail Performance Sensor Pack (WS320, ZG100, DST810, N2K)

An all-in-one core data components kit, that includes all you need for your boat network. This pack includes a WS320 wireless wind pack for highly accurate wind information, which is easy to install. The IDST810 depth, speed, and temperature sensor and a GPS ZG100 Module pack for all your positioning data, including heading, heel, and trim. This pack also includes the Micro-C backbone kit, and 2M, and 5M N2K cables for all your wiring and installation requirements.

WS320 wireless wind sensor (000-14383-001)

The perfect solution for any sailor looking to get accurate and fast wind data to their instruments, which is easy to install without a cable through the mast. Designed to provide highly accurate wind data in all conditions at all points of sail and heel. WS320 has been benchmarked against multiple different sensors in over 500 individual wind tunnel tests. Easy to install and lightweight, ideal for smaller boats – without compromising performance for wireless convenience. WS320 has the same accuracy (both wind angle and wind speed) as the wired version while outputting wind at a super smooth 5 times every second. As the most exposed sensor on a yacht, the wind sensor – critical for instruments and autopilot steering – must meet an exceptionally high standard. In addition to B & G’s extreme testing program, the WS320 sensors have been subject to combined field tests of over 200,000 hours.

DST810 MultiSensor (000-15735-001)

A compact multisensor that offers the depth, speed, and temperature data from a single through-hull sensor that can be easily installed and connected directly to the network. Patented, speed-signal-processing enhancements provide excellent paddlewheel accuracy below 5 knots (6 MPH) and smooth linear output at all vessel speeds. The transducer’s wide, fan-shaped, port-starboard beam is able to find the bottom even when installed on steep deadrise hulls or heeling sailboats. You also get true water-temperature readings with the DST810’s reliable temperature sensor.

ZG100 GPS (000-11048-002)

The ZG100 GPS antenna provides precise and dependable position data making it the perfect partner for B & G chartplotters and instrument systems. The highly accurate 10 Hz GPS gives precise and smooth update of position information during acceleration and manoeuvring, rapid signal acquisition and consistent position accuracy augmented by secondary satellite systems like WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and Galileo. It is also QZSS-ready. The integrated compass delivers accurate heading information for instruments, chart stabilisation for Head Up mode and Radar overlays. It also provides Heel and Trim data for sailing.

Micro-C Backbone Kit & Cables (000-10760-001)

NMEA 2000 Micro-C Network starter kit: Includes Network power cable, 4.5 m (15 ft) N2K cable, 3 x T-connectors, 2 x network terminators. Also included is 1x 2m and 1x 5m N2K cables.

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