Fortress Guardian G-85 Anchor - 42LB
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Fortress Guardian G-85 Anchor - 42LB

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G-85 42lb Guardian Anchor for 54'-62' Boats

Boat size recommendations are for boats of average windage and proportions in 30 knots of wind, average bottom conditions, and moderate protection from open seas. Remember that the loads in 42 knots of wind are twice as much as in 30 knots.

Use three-strand nylon rope, 6-12 ft (2-4 m) of chain and a minimum of 5:1 scope. Also, a minimum of 6 ft (2 m) of chain should be used for every 25 ft (8 m) of water depth. For storm conditions use an anchor one or two sizes larger.

  • Boat Length: 54-62ft/16-19m
  • Weight: 42lbs/19kg
  • Holding Power: 32° (Hard Sand): 13,875lbs/6,294kg
  • Holding Power: 32° (Soft Mud): 2,775lbs/1,259kg
  • Shank: 48"/122cm
  • Fluke: 28"/71cm
  • Stock: 39"/99cm
  • Proof Coil Chain: 1/2"/13mm
  • Nylon Rope: 7/8"/22mm
  • Shackle Size: 51/2"/13mm

*Note: Hard sand holding power figures above represent loads actually achieved on production Fortress and Guardian anchors under controlled horizontal pull conditions without dragging or resulting in disabling structural deformation.
Weight (lbs)
42 lbs
Aluminum Alloy

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