Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit with Accessories & Air Horn
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Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit with Accessories & Air Horn

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Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit with Accessories & Air Horn is out of stock.

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We have expanded our most popular Alert/Locate Kit to include additional visual signals:

12 Gauge Safety Launcher With Bandolier: Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty. Bandolier can hold up to 6 High Performance Signals.

4, 12 Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals: USCG approved day or nighttime signals. Altitude up to 500 feet, brightness up to 16,000 candelas, burn time up to 7 seconds each. Exceeds USCG minimum requirements.

4 Handheld Red Signal Flares: USCG approved day or nighttime signal. Brightness up to 700 candela, burn time up to 3 minutes each.

1 Handheld Orange Smoke Signal: USCG approved daytime signal. Average burn time up to 1 minute each.

Signal Mirror With Lanyard: Non-corrosive material, includes view finder.

Whistle with Lanyard: SOLAS and USCG approved, bright orange plastic construction, loud shrill blast – 116db at 1 meter.

1.5 Oz. Mini Horn

Neoprene Storage Case: Highly visible international orange, floats, protects signals during storage.


Item Number: 546

Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz each

Dimensions: 13.875 x 2.75 x 8

UPC: 077403105465

Packages Per Carton: 2

Ex Number: EX2013090848

USCG Approved

Signaling flares and pyrotechnics must be shipped by HazMat ground carrier. Expedited shipping is not available. 

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