Airmar R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer
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Airmar R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer

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R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer

Unlock the true potential of your fish-finder with the superior quality and performance of an AIRMAR Chirp-ready transducer.


  • Depth & fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • Epoxy transducer housing with high-performance fairing
  • For use on hulls up to 25° deadrise
  • 82 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer

Benefits of Thru-Hull Transducers with High-Performance Fairing:

  • The best performance on vessels 25 feet and up because the transducer face is in “clean” water below the boundary layer (bubbles running down the hull)
    • The fairing compensates for hull deadrise and reduces turbulence over the transducer face, which allows tracking at speeds over 30 knots (35 MPH)
    • When mounted in clean water (forward of propellers and running gear), thru-hulls produce the most effective signal return since nothing on the vessel interferes with the transducer’s active surface


  • Boat Size: 12 m (40 ft.) and above
  • Hull Type: Fiberglass, wood, or metal
  • Engine Type: Inboard, outboard or I/O

Low (28 kHz to 60 kHz):

  • 23° to 9° port/starboard
  • 11° to 5° fore-aft beamwidth
  • Maximum depth 10000 ft

Medium (80 kHz to 130 kHz):

  • 13° to 8° beamwidth
  • Maximum depth 3000 ft.

Bottom Coverage Relative to Frequency and Depth

  • Depth (50 ft.): 10 ft.
  • Depth (100 ft.): 24 ft.
  • Depth (300 ft.): 68 ft.
  • Depth (600 ft.): 136 ft.
  • Depth (1000 ft.): 228 ft.
  • Depth (1500 ft.): 340 ft.
  • Depth (2000 ft.): 456 ft.
  • Depth (2500 ft.): 570 ft.

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